7 things to budget for

when financing a VW T6.1 Camper Conversion.

With so many things to consider when undergoing a VW T6.1 Camper Conversion, it can be hard to remember everything. None of us want any nasty surprises or big bills, so whether you are thinking of hiring a professional or converting your van yourself, here are 7 things to budget for when financing your VW T6.1 Camper conversion.

1. The basics (£1,800)

Before even thinking about what your conversion is going to look like, it is important to get the basics in place. Sliding windows for ventilation, fully insulating and lining your camper plus wiring all fall into this category. If you are looking for sufficient insulation to keep you warm in the British weather and have your basics fitted professionally and to industry standards, expect to pay around £1800 for these services.

2. Roof fitting (£3,450)

The price of roof fitting can vary depending on whether you are converting a SWB or LWB and if you choose a high top over a pop top roof. At Nomad Campervans, we are Reimo approved fitters, meaning we only fit Reimo crashed tested roofs with TUV approved strengthening frames, keeping you safe on the road.

3. Roof finishing (£1,050)

Need extra sleeping space in your camper conversion? Budget around £1,050 for stylish roof colour coding and a Reimo roof bed (sleeps 2) for extra space and comfort.

4. Seat fitting (£4,500)

Probably one of the most important considerations of your VW T6.1 camper conversion will be the seating system. With hundred’s of options to choose from, it’s hard to know which one to choose. At Nomad, we only fit Reimo fully crash tested seat bed systems to ensure safety on the road. This is especially important when carrying passengers. We fit the Reimo 333 seat bed system as standard, arguably one of the best seat bed systems on the market. The Reimo 333 is a fully crash tested seating system with 3, 3 point seatbelts. The benefit of the system is that it is also on rails for maximum flexibility in your camper and comes with 10mm floor insulation. Choose from 1000s of floor pattern options and match the fabric of the seating bed to the front seats of your camper for a professional and stylish look. Cost £4,500.

5. Electrics (£1,100)

The electrical system is probably one of the most complicated parts of converting your VW campervan. Fridges, plugs and power management systems all run on different watts and ampage, with different cable and load requirements for each. A professionally fitted electrical system from Nomad Campervans costs around £1,100 with everything required to get you on the road fitted as standard.

6. Furniture and finishing (£5,600)

Ultimately when it comes to kitchens and finishings, you get what you pay for. There are plenty of cheap furniture kits on the market but the real test of their quality comes with time.
At Nomad, we only use Vohringer lightweight German furniture in our t6.1 camper conversions. The factory cut and sealed furniture is not only incredibly light but also hard wearing, durable and suitable for day to day use, year after year. We don’t start hacking at your kitchen to fit it into your camper! Expect to pay around £5,600 for a full furniture and fitting set including:

* Lightweight German Vohringer furniture
* Waeco CR50 compressor fridge
* SMEV sink with tap
* Single passenger swivel base
* Plumbing and wiring
* Gas certification
* Cab screens
* Choice of curtains or screens in rear of van
* SMEV Gas hob
* Dining table

7. Heating

If you want to keep warm in the winter, expect to pay around £1,150 for a Webasto diesel heater or £800 for a propex gas blown air heating system to circulate the hot air around your camper. Cosy!

The bill

You should budget £14,000-17,000 for a professionally fitted T6.1 camper conversion depending on your personal specification. Getting a VW T6.1 Camper conversion completed by a professional conversion Company not only offers peace of mind on the quality of your conversion but also means getting your campervan ready for the road much quicker than a DIY job at home!